Tire Pressure and PSI

April 4th, 2018 by

Tire Pressure

A tire’s pressure is measured in PSI. PSI stands for pounds per square inch. The tire pressure level can be found in several locations. It is printed on the inside door jam on the driver’s side, and it is in your owner’s manual. Check the sidewall of the tires also. Some manufacturers will stamp the PSI there.

The pressure is tested with a tire gauge. The gauge looks like a pencil, and it attaches to the stem valve. If possible, check the pressure first thing in the morning before you drive the vehicle. A cold tire gives a more accurate reading.

It is important to routinely test all of your car’s tires, including the spare. Low tires create unsafe driving conditions and poor gas mileage. Overinflated tires transfer potholes and rough roads to the cabin and passengers.

If you need help checking your tire pressure or if it is time for new tires, stop by BMW of Bridgeport, and our service team will be glad to help.

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