Check Vehicles for Recalls


STEP 1 – Locat the Vehichle VIN

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique 17-digit code used to identify a motor vehicle. Here are the common places to find it:


On the dashboard: Look at the lower corner of the windshield on the driver’s side. The VIN is often etched into the dashboard near this area.


On the driver’s door pillar: Look at the bottom edge of the driver’s side door. The VIN is usually stamped into this area or on a sticker.


STEP 2 – complete the form below so our team can check you vehicle for a recall


STEP 3 – Give us a Call

Give us a call at 203-873-2000 so we can get your vehicle in to be looked at!

Recall Lookup in Bridgeport, CT

Are you wondering if your vehicle has any open recalls? At BMW of Bridgeport, you and your family’s safety will always be our top priority!
Whether you need assistance during the recall lookup process or aid through other services, you can count on us for high-quality care. Our finance department is filled with friendly consultants who can help you navigate the monetary realm with ease. Their expertise ranges from leases to loans and even value your trade. Our service department is also staffed with a wide variety of qualified technicians prepared to answer any of your repair questions and address your maintenance needs.
At BMW of Bridgeport, we know our customers are the key to our success. We value transparency and make sure to practice this quality every time we service your car. If you’re interested in learning more about our resources, check out our online service form or try out our vehicle recall tool today!

What is a Vehicle Recall?

Vehicle recalls are essential because they provide insight into mechanisms in your car that could be flawed. A recall is only issued after the manufacturer has found proof that a specific part of your vehicle could become a liability. If there is a risk that consumer safety could be compromised or that the flawed mechanism no longer meets minimum security standards, a recall must be put into effect. This rule applies to many kinds of vehicle equipment, including tires and car seats. If a part of your automobile is recalled, this does not reflect the vehicle’s quality as a whole.

Our Recall Process at BMW of Bridgeport

For our staff members at BMW of Bridgeport, steering customers through the vehicle recall process couldn’t be more simple! And for those of you who are trying to check on your car from the comfort of your home, we’ve dedicated an entire page of our website to a step-by-step recall guide for your convenience. All you need to identify is your VIN or Vehicle Identification Number, and enter it into our search bar. We can then pull up records of defective or poorly performing components within your car with just a click of a button!

Stick With Us for all Your Recall Needs in Bridgeport, CT

Why should you come to BMW of Bridgeport over any other dealership when it comes to remedying your recall? We have no shortage of reasons at our car lot, providing you with many complimentary benefits such as high-quality loaner vehicles, shuttle services, multi-point inspections, and car washes! With over 100 years of combined technician expertise, you’ll never leave disappointed with the kind of service you’ll receive. Feel free to check out our expansive parts inventory and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment while we acquire your recall status!

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Ready to contact one of our team members and begin the recall process for your vehicle? We’re committed to showing you world-class service no matter what you visit us for, whether that be maintenance, parts replacements, financing assistance, or more. Schedule an appointment with us via phone call or reach us through our BMW of Bridgeport website today!


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