Seasonal Maintenance for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

October 30th, 2017 by

Seasonal Maintenance


Your vehicle deserves the best of care year-round. In the spring, you should consider replacing the windshield wiper blades. Clean the underbody as well. Spring is also an excellent time to examine your brakes. Listen for noises that include screeching, grinding, and squeals.


This is the time of year to monitor your vehicle’s fluids. This includes power steering, oil, brake fluid, wiper fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid. It is also a good time to check tire pressure, filters, belts, and hoses.


The fall is an excellent time of year to make sure the vehicle’s fluids are up to speed. Fall is a good time to check your suspension and steering. Add shocks, struts, chassis parts and shock absorbers to the list.


Winter is also the time of year to make sure all the vehicle’s fluids are at maximum levels. It is also the most difficult season of the year to navigate safely. For quality and reliable vehicle maintenance, stop by or set an appointment with us at BMW of Bridgeport today.

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