Automatic Parking & Backup Assistant

May 20th, 2022 by

Get the most out of your BMW with Automatic Parking and Backup Assistant! Our tutorial will guide you on how to activate both of these features with iDrive 7.


Automatic parking

BMW’s Automatic Parking can be used for parallel and perpendicular parking by measuring potential spaces while driving at a low speed. Once the parking assistant is activated, by following the instructions on the display, your BMW takes over and parks itself in the respective space and even puts your vehicle in park once complete.

Backup Assistant

BMW’s Backup Assistant helps you reverse in tight spaces by retracing its previous steps from the last approximate 50 meters of any given drive under 22 miles per hour.  Backup Assistant can aid you when leaving parking spaces and maneuvering confined spaces such as winding driveways. The driver is responsible for controlling brakes and speed as well as monitoring surroundings such as obstacles.

Tune in to our video above and learn how to activate and utilize these features in your BMW!


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