The BMW Motor Exchange Program is a vehicle replacement program allowing you to upgrade to a safer, more reliable vehicle while keeping the same or lower monthly payments.

What are the benefits of the BMW Motor Exchange Program?


The BMW Motor Exchange Program gives you customized information you need to decide when the time is right for you. Benefits include:


Above market value for your vehicle
Low monthly
Better lease & financing options
Exclusive incentives
Lower fuel costs and increased miles per gallon
More comprehensive warranties
Reduced maintenance and repair costs
Increased safety and security technologies
Brand-new comfort and entertainment features

Interested in exchanging your vehicle?

It’s Simple.

  • The Bridgeport Motor Exchange Program is a vehicle exchange program that allows qualified customers the opportunity to get a new car before their lease end.
  • Many customers have discovered they can get a new car with similar payments and terms. Just pay the changeover fee and get into a new car as soon as today!
  • BMW is always improving the Ultimate Driving Machine so if you would like to see if you qualify to get the latest and greatest from BMW, just click below and one of our Exchange Coordinators can check into program details for you!


Reach out to our BMW Motor Exchange Manager and get started!



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