When it comes to your Ultimate Driving Machine,
® receive all of your service and maintenance from the professionals who know it best. When you visit the BMW of Bridgeport Service Center, your vehicle is handled by BMW trained technicians using only Original BMW parts.


Value Service
If you choose not to purchase Ultimate Care+ or your vehicle no longer qualifies, your BMW still benefits from the expert service your BMW Center provides.  With BMW Value Service, you'll receive competitive pricing on a variety of services, so you know what you're paying for up front. No matter how many miles or years you've driven  your BMW, when it's time for service, you can always feel confident bringing it to those who know it best. Bring it home to your local BMW Center.

Original BMW Batteries
As your vehicle's battery ages, surprises are the last thing you want. Original BMW Batteries are designed and tested to deliver a  longer service life than conventional batteries ready to keep up with the extra power demands of today's wireless world. Now with the Original BMW Battery Price Finder,  you'll find your BMW's perfect fit, and you'll know exactly what your battery replacement will cost with no surprises.

Contact the BMW of Bridgeport Service Center when it's time to replace your BMW Battery and drive with confidence.


Original BMW Engine Oil

There's a new name in high-performance engine oils. Original BMW Engine Oils. Developed exclusively for BMW to meet the specifications of the new BMW Twin Power Turbo  Engine generation, they are manufactured, tested and approved to be an oil specifically designed for your Ultimate Driving Machine. ®



Collision Repair 
All BMW owners have access to a nationwide network of BMW Certified Collision Repair Centers.  When your BMW requires repair, it's recommended the procedure is done by certified BMW technicians.
Comprehensive Maintenance 
There's nothing quite like driving a BMW. For as long as you own or lease your Ultimate Driving Machine, ® it's an experience you deserve to enjoy every time you get behind the wheel. That's why BMW offers the comprehensive BMW Ultimate Care, Ultimate Care+, and Value Service programs 
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