The Incredible BMW 2 Series is All New in 2018

The refreshed design and clean interior of the BMW is just complimentary to the powerful acceleration and horsepower built into this compact sports car. The BMW 2 series is a sport combination of luxury features and German engineering. On the inside, BMW has spared no expense with leather materials, touch screen, voice-enabled controls, and a large cargo space.

There are also multiple trims that you can use to upgrade features and get more power. At the base, the 2 series has a four-cylinder twin turbocharged engine that can put out 248 horsepower, although drivers commented that it feels more powerful. With higher trims, you can upgrade to a twin-turbocharged six-cylinder that puts out 384 horsepower.

Comfort and space are designed to fit the sport size of the 2 series. While you can pick between a four-door or coupe, the space inside is designed more for a two-seater. You can test drive the new BMW 2 series at BMW of Bridgeport.
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