BMW 4 Series Overview

The BMW 4 Series is one of moderately priced luxury vehicles in the small car market. It's top ranked and out-does the competition in most categories including performance and interior. The latest 4 series also adds a ton of safety features like blind spot monitoring and departure lane assist. This is all thanks to a new system of cameras and sensors on the latest BMW lineup.

You can see the fine tuning in the latest engines as well. All of the trims have high horsepower output. The Gran Turismo is a favorite for its design and handling, as well as twin turbo engine. You can also choose xDrive with the BMW trims, which allows you to switch between sports mode configurations and fuel efficiency, allowing you to get up to 34 mpg on the highway.

There are a variety of new features with the latest BMWs. Check out each one at BMW of Bridgeport.